Tuesday, November 29, 2011

September 2, 2011

Hey que tal familia!!

This week has gone by super fast. My and my comp have been working hard and have found alot of people, we started out this transfer with nobody and now we have 7 people who are going to get baptised this month and it looks like the majority of them will be geting baptised on haydens birthday!!! Pretty gnarley eh???? So it kinda sucks when your week has been brutal, working harder than every finding every little soul you can, thinking that the fruits will show in church that Sunday morning, but when it arrives nobody shows up and you just get so devestated!!!! Thats what happened this week!! However every single one of them had a legitimate reason, they just all had emergency´s but they are all still excited about getting baptised!!! So the zone here is doing pretty good, like i said we have to babysit alot and some of the elders just dont know how to be obedient and just dont follow the rules and we have to get on their case and sometimes that can be fun and sometimes it´s not!! I cant believe that i have already been out an entire year!!! Its been way to short!! And i deffinately dont want to come home just quite yet!

So right now i am studying in the new testament, i´m reading in matthew, its pretty good! Jesus was a great teacher and he really taught with the spirit!!! You should try reading the first four gospels of matthew mark luke and john, they are all great books that talk about the life of jesus christ! I love this work and i want to see all of my little brothers out here in the mission field showing god the true desires of their hearts!!! Its crazy the mission, every one and everything just seems like a blurrrrr, the family, the friends, seems like a dream. When one focuses on the work your home turns into what your doing!! I feel like i have been here my entire life and that this is a home i have!! You guys have gotta come here and check it out one day, you´ll see what i mean!!!

i love you very much!!! whenever you get the chance, if its at all possible to send me a usa soccer jersey to show the bolivians whats up, that would be nice!!!

love elder olsen

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