Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31st letter

Hola Familia!!!
Comó Están? How in the wonderful world of Disney are you guys doing!!
I´m doing absolutely amazing!! Well yes I got transferred but guess
what,… right next door, i´m still in riberalta but just in a different
area its like as if I was in wellsville and got transferred to hyrum!
And my companion is elder haws, from my group another American! From
Arizona he´s great!! Were doing really good here and it’s a little bit
tougher for us cause were both Americans and don’t speak the best
Spanish but its coming along great, we really have to work hard to
have success!! I´m not too familiar with this area but yesterday we
met an investigator that a friend brought to church, we went to his
has last night and taught him bautism and put a baptismal date for the
19 of February and he accepted!! Were doing pretty good as gringos!
It’s the raining season so its really really really coming down, like
flash floods basically pretty skizzy! Every p day we take our laundry
to some lady so she can wash it for us and yes of coarse its all by
hand! Most of the people have electricity and running water…no!!! you
cant use the water for anything, the all use wells, the only type of
running water they would have is for a shower if their lucky! But yes
us missionaries do have everything, it may not be nice at all but we
have it! We have whats called a pension where we eat lunch everyday
and the church pays for it and its just rice rice and more rice so do
me a favor, when I get home, don’t ask me if I want rice!! Ok ?? well
how are you guys doing!! How is school and all the kids doing!! Is
there still snow, is it cold or whats up with the weather doc.!! Sorry
I don’t have much time ever to write everyone but let them know that I
try and I atleast sent some letters!! But anyways that’s the recap on
this week, not too much because i´m in a new area but its going along
quite well!! Miss you all like crazy and when I get home….were goin
campin.!! Always remember that you have the truth and always always
always!....BE HAPPY! You´ve got eternal life, don’t worry about a
single thing and just live everyday like it’s the last!! I love you
guys very very much and tell everyone hello for me!! Por favor! I´m
doing great! Just be happy! Its super super hottttt here then it rains
and cools down then its humid then its hottttt then it rains, you just
never know what the temperature is going to be!
Love superman
Elder olsen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011 letter

January 25, 2011
Hola Familia!!!
Whats crackin in the valley of cache!! How are you all doing¬¬?? Well
guess what, we already have transfers and they are tomorrow!! Pretty
crazy huh, don’t know if i´ll be staying yet another transfer or if
i´ll be going! We will find that out tonight! How have you all been??
Whats new, I have a little bit more time today to write but I do want
to apologize for never being able to write you a good amount of what
i´m doing here in bolivia!! I´m still in riberalta like I said,
transfers tomorrow, we have about 8 investigators with a baptisimal
date in february, my Spanish is coming along absolutely positively
great! And my ability to teach is increasing tremendously. I have a
greater knowledge of the scriptures and what god wants for us! Its
amazing learning all this stuff, it makes me realize things that I
never would have realized! My thought s are far beyond my time right
now! Its crazy. I look at life a lot different now! So yesterday as a
zone we all went to this place called aquiles which is in the middle
of the jungle like 30 minutes from my area and its this open area of
beautiful spring water for swimming and canoeing, one separated from
the other, natural water to swim in with a diving board and a beach
and all sorts of stuff with beach volleyball which was super dope
sauce! And next to it was a small lake to take a canoe out and snap
some shots!! Pingpong, soccer field, tennis courts and anything you
need!! Twas the time of my life! We shredded it up with some beach
volleyball, took the canoe out, didn´t swim cause we cant! Took a zip
line across the lake!! A blast it was! Don’t worry i´ve got plenty of
pics to show you! It was amazing! Drank some coke and ate some turkey!
Got sunburnt and enjoyed every second of it!! Bolivia is still the
same except for one of our elders got kidnapped by a taxi and tried to
rob him and had a gun but the elder didn´t have any money so they beat
him up a little bit, no big deal but now he´s all good and safe, I
don´t really know much about it pretty much what I just told you is
all I know! I´m doing amazing here in Bolivia! I wouldn’t change it
for the world and I know this is where I need to be even though its
hard at times the blessings are beyond what I can imagine! I will
never ever regret the decision to serve a mission! Couldn´t imagine if
I chose not to!! Anyways how are you all doing, whats new? How is the
snow and the beav! Is let me know whats up dudes!!
love you all
elder olsen

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 letter

Whats up Familia! how in the world are you all doing!! its been two crazy weeks since i have talked to you all! but it sure is great to get your emails!! so you wanna know why i didn´t write you guys last week!!! well, we were on lockdown for three days straight and couldn´t leave the apartment. none of the missionaries in santa cruz bolivia! something with the government and the people go crazy here, up and down the streets and almost fought with one of our missionaries insulting him like crazy, " you mormons are worthless, you pay the taxi´s 2 pesos" pretty gnarly!! but christmas was just like any other day! nobody really decorates for christmas, its not big at all!! but it was nice because either everyone was gone or everyone was home with their families so we taught alot of families! my comp and i just bought some food and took pics and had a good ol time, as well as new years ever, we actually stayed up till 12 ssshhhhh took pics of fireworks and had a blast!! it is going great here in bolivia weve got some investigators that are improving! we put a baptisimal date on 2 investigators for the next couple weeks! should be great! my spanish is coming along super duper skizzy! still improving tho! but it sure is coming! sounds like you guys had a blast at christmas and oakley sounds like a big girl now! thats crazy, when i get home she is gonna be like a teenager!:) good to hear that you all had fun and were together with family! and yes alec told me that rozy is preg.) but hey, your already a gramma so who gives right! great to talk to you all!!! i sent a letter with some pictures in it so you shall be getting it soon! so so glad to hear your all doing good! its the same here, i´m improving everyday and its amazing! the jungle is crazy! my comp is chilean and is awesome! were having a good ol time! love you all a super amount and tell everyone hello for me and enjoy the snow while you can!! and enjoy the ride!
love you muchisimo y les amo
love elder olsen