Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 20, 2011

Hey fam!!!

Well this week we had transfers and i am no longer with elder fuentes, he went to a different area and i stayed but guess what, my companion is elder packard from california and we are super excited to get to work with the ward and with all the investigators we have. Well Saturday morning i woke up with a raging headache and a sore body!! Thought i was going to die!! So for two days straight we had to stay in the house, i didn´t even get to go to church, but the good part is that we did splits and my comp went to sacrament meeting and him and a member brought the sacrament to the house and i was able to take it there! So as for this week, we havent had much time to work becuase of transfers and stayin in the house but something i did realize is just how much of new day scripture the liahona is. The bible and book of mormon was written by gods servents as well as the liahona. We have the privelige of getting it once a month. Pretty nice eh!! I have been reading alot of conference talks lately and they are really helping me out with life and with the mission!! Each prophet and apostle has such a specific topic that just cuts down to the bone and gets right to the point! I suggest each and everyone of you to truely study the scriptures in our days. …the liahona!! So my comp is sweet, hes from cali and we have just about the same amount of time here in the mission!!!

Call his family and get to know them and tell them that were companions… their number is (760)522-7149, or their email is fnmpackard@hotmail.com his dads name is forrest and his mom is michele. Call them and be friends!!!

I know that i am in the place where the lord wants me to be. Even though in life we might have some problems, its normal and thats how we grow! I know that our lord and savior is the one and only jesus christ who did die for each and every person that will and has ever lived on the earth! He knows you personally and better than you know yourself, thats why sometimes we dont understand some things but we simply need to realize that we are being guided by somebody that knows whats best! He lives. What hope there is that one day we will become just like god knowing everything and being able to live in his presence. That brings me joy, complete joy. The purpose of this life has 5 steps
1. Faith in jesus christ
2. Repentance
3. Baptism
4. Receiving the gift of the holy ghost
5. And the most important, enduring to the end!!
Let us all finish each step and i promise that we will be pleased with our reward!! I love you guys so much!!!

yes i did get your letter!! thankssssssss

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