Tuesday, November 29, 2011

October 31, 2011

Que tal familia!!!

Bueno esta semana fue buena! El señor nos ha ayudado bastante!

Twas a good week. We did end up living bill a book of mormon in english and he told us to give him a few weeks to read it so were just waiting and praying!!! The romero family has been more and more excited to get baptized and love church. Maricruz also es getting to know more people and we also found 2 more people with a baptismal date. Enrique and Thomas. And yes, they both came to church yesterday. The lord really helped us a lot this week because we have been working hard trying to find new people and well, dream come true!! So…. Christina….. her husband went crazy, Christina already passed the baptisimal interview and was supposed to get baptized Saturday but her husband and her are having aloooooottttttt of problems. And he thinks that we are visiting her because we ¨like¨her and he is super jealous. But the good part is that Christina found a solution telling us to send the sister missionaries from the ward to visit her so we are in that process!!

This week I have been reading in the new testament and it is really interesting because in matthew mark luke and john they tell us the same things but with their own words about the life of jesus Christ so you can have four points of view on it. Lots of parables!!! But nothing really new happened this week, i´m trying to think of what went on but prettymuch what I said is what happened this week. Today is Halloween but they don’t do anything here, its just like anyother day. But you gotta let me know how it went there in the states!!! Well get this, i´m learning 2 other languages, quechua and portugues. Pretty cool huh, everyone here speaks quechua because its like the Indian language that was spoken long ago so its interesting and well portugues I just want to learn so I got a book of mormon in portugues and i´m reading it, the funny part is that I understand pretty much all of it!!!

Bueno. Para ser sincero es muy dificil hablar en inglés porque pienso en español y si pienso en inglés es un desastre. Pero quiero decirles que les quiero muchisimo y que estoy muy muy bien. La mision es la mejor decisión que he tomado en toda mi vida. Se que mi vida nunca sería lo mismo si no viniera aquí. Las cosas que he aprendido van a permanecer conmigo para siempre y se que mi vida sería totalmente diferente si no hubiese querido venir aquí. Por eso estoy eternamente agradecido por criarme en el evangelio de Jesucristo y por enseñarme las cosas mas importantes en la vida. Gracias a mi madre y padre, se lo que quiero ser y lo que quiero hacer en mi vida!!! Gracias

mom i need you to email me a recipe for homeade ice cream. because we are going to make some here shortly!!!!! thanxxxxxxxxxxxx

Les amo!!

I love you guys very much…. Enjoy the ride!

Elder olsen

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