Monday, February 14, 2011

hola familia!!! sounds like the same things are happening to alec that happened to me except mine was two teeth and two root canals!! even cooler and more gnarley so go chip your other one and you´ll be even with me!!! hey the baptisms were great and everything was sweet!!! got your package!! thanks very much!! bolivia is crazy cool and i´m gonna try to send some pictures so hopefully it works!! but hey everyone is growing up and things seem to be working out for everyone!! and kessley excited for school and i can even imagine how big she is getting!! hey do me a favor and when i get home, dont cook me any more rice!! all i want is sloppy joes and spaghetti right now!! especially sloppy joes!! so they only have on type of cheese here and its white, not really sure what kind and its super duper salty!! but i learned how to make empanadas and when i get home were gonna make them!!! its just a delicious type of food stuffed with meat cheese and stuff!! sounds like the snow is totally gone too!! that bites but i guess its all good because i cant see it anyway!!! and the sounds for sunday sounds delightful!! what a wonderful day it sounds like you had!! still waiting for your letters but they´ll come, i always get everything weather it be sooner or later! tell everyone hello for me and that i´m doing good! i´ll print some more photos and send them cause i dont know if its gonna work through internet, the internet really chupa here and is super slow!! love you guys very much
love elder olsen

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8th letter

what up familia!!!
thank you so so much for the letter my dearest mother!!! me hizo tener lagrimas!! find out what that means! so ty is the mascott!! super dope sounds like hes got a futer in making people laugh!! as well as the play, funny eh, ty made it and ashley didn´t!! he´s got quite the talent!! proud of him! and as far as alec, i´m sure hes giant, he was about to pass me up when i left and i wouldn´t be surprised if he did by the time i get home!! keep playing soccer and before you know it you´ll be on the highschool team!! super skizzy!! and oakly, i cant even imagine how big that fart is!! she probably has hair and talks like a maniac!! and when i get home, wow she´ll be a teenager!! as well as kessley!! seriously i believe that i wont recognize her when i get home!!! she will probably be starting her transfer from a girl into a woman, what a beautiful girl she is!!! don´t worry, i haven´t missed you guys in my prayers since the day i got in the mtc and in everysingle prayer i pray for bob to find a job and for you to be the happiest mother in the world and to have all the help that you need so you can get everything done!!! just know that in order for you guys to receive these blessings you have to do your part!!! just prayin isn´t gonna do anything!!! read james 2!! faith without works is dead! just like the body without spirit is dead, faith without works is dead!!! i know that you guys are doing amazing because i am so happy!!! and every letter makes me miss you even more!!!! the fact that i don´t have to wory about the world is amazing!! everyday i feel the spirit and have such love for the people, i just want everyone to know that they have to get baptized or they can not be saved!!!!!! always put got first and seriously dont worry about everything!!!! we have trials in our lives so god can see if we really have faith and what were gonna do, if we´ll follow satan or him!!! so show him you love him like you do everyday!!!! thanks for everthing mother i havent received anything yet but hopefully its on its way!!!! yes i moved houses and my new companion is from the usa from arizona!!! elder haws is his name and were just slaying it up here in bolivia!!!! the president must have alot of trust putting two new north americans together!!! my spanish is amazing!!! learn so much everyday as well as the scriptures, my knowledge of the scriptures both the bible and book of mormon are increasing tremendously!!! i love you blessed mother to whom i came into this life!! your everything to me just know that and forgive me for anything i have ever done to make you sad!!! thats never the way treat a mother!!!! go be happy and receive a blessings!!! i always give the example to people that god has a box of blessings that he wants to give to us and when we do whats right we receive them and when we do whats wrong, he takes them away one by one!!! the people always listen but never understand, they all think that all churches are ok because they all talk about god so we make them understand and pretty much rule the town!!! people get scared of us because we know so much and when we bible bash, the others just get made and run away!!! we have two baptisms this weekend and another one on the 26th. an investigator who we taught that recently just told us that he wants to get baptised!! how great!!! i love my life and i´m extremely happy!!! i would never have found this happiness if i didn´t come here!!! my mission makes my life and turns me into the man i want to become!!! never will i regret this decision and i hope for every brother of mine to follow in my footsteps, which are the footsteps of christ!!! i love you all and i´m doing amazing
love your son elder olsen