Tuesday, November 29, 2011

October 17, 2011

hey family! thanks for the email. this week has been kinda frustrating. we had been doing alot of tracting but it seemed like nobody wanted to let us in. it was a good week weather wise, it rained all week as you can see in the photo, so atleast it wasnt hot. but the people finding part was a little hard!! we found another person named maricruz and now she has a baptisimal date for the 5 of november as well as christina for the 29 of october. so we are working with them and still trying to find other people. we have found a few people too that seem like they could be progressors. so get this a while back we found a dude named erwin but nothing really happened with him, we taught him like once or twice, but then recently we were passing by his house and he was outside washing and he looked at us and my comp and i knew that we needed to go to his house so we stopped by and he let us in and from that moment he just told us everything that is going on in his life. his ¨wife¨ is super sick and is on her death bed we could say, and in the hospital and they have a baby girl and its just super hard for him and her, he told us that they are straight up cousins and wants to know if that is bad, he told us how the parents of his wife pretty much hate him and he didn´t see his daughter for 2 years straight and he just wants someone to help him. and lucky enough we arrived and have been teaching him alot about the restoration and plan of salvation and he is learning so much and we invited him to pray to see if joseph smith was a prophet and he knows that he has to do it and he told us that he will. because he wants to have a spiritual experience just like we members have had when we prayed to know if its true!! its definately a spiritual experience teaching him, because we can only answer what the spirit tells us to say, some questions he asks are hard to answer about whats good and whats bad but thanks to the spirit and the mission president everything turns out great!!! my companion and i are still working hard and this next week we have done some great planning to try and find some new people to teach. sometimes it can be hard but its nothing to worry about, its life, its normal, but i just see the blessings day after day. in my personal study i started the book of mormon over again and i´m in 1 nephi, turns out nephi was a baller!! full of spirit. and he sure knows how to teach and be a leader. even when his brothers wanted to kill him. we must all learn from nephi. but not just by reading but by studying and really paying attention to the scriptures and what the lord wants to tell us. i promise you that if you say a short prayer before so the lord can help you understand that new pathways will be opened up even if you thought that there werent any!! but focus on the spirit and the teaching of the prophets. like it says in doctrine and covenants 1, ¨¨weather it be by my voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.!! how wonderful! i never want to leave the mission, i´m doing absolutley fine here and what more could i ask for, everyday i get to be guided by the spirit. thats not an everyday thing in the everday world! so i´m enjoying it while i can!!

love you all very very much


Elder Olsen

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