Tuesday, November 29, 2011

October 24, 2011

Querida Familia

Well let me just tell you how this week was. We have 4 people who are going to get baptized real soon. Maricruz, Christina, and the Romero Family!! We found the Romero family, mother and father and guess what, they came to church. It was wonderful, we had been teaching them about joseph smith and baptism and they told us that they will go to church to see how it is and they came, it was the best Sunday yet, the feeling of finding a family is so much stronger than finding anyone else because the family is where it all starts and you see the progression together. And you can see their lives changing. And Christina is having a lot of problems with her husband, he doent like the Mormons but she knows without a doubt that it’s the truth and she said she will always know it, so baptism is going to help her out a lot!! So get this, my comp is from Ecuador but some of his fam lives in utah, so he went to visit when he was younger and talks some English. The other day we knocked on a door and out came a new Yorker, not black, and we started talking and he was struggling a little with the Spanish and he knew who we were, he had done a lot of investigating about the Mormons and joseph smith, I was surprised, then I started talking to him in English and we got talking about church and he just wanted to argue and say that we are trying to earn salvation. And my comp asked him if we could sit down say a prayer and chat. So he let us in, and we taught entirely in English, my comp also. Wonderful. And he started saying that salvation is by grace, we don’t have to do anything, we aren’t going to be saved by our works and he says that we mormans think that what Christ did wasn´t enough because we have to work for our salvation but we showed him a bunch of scriptures but he refused to believe, then we started talking about the book of Mormon and he bashed that to the ground saying all sorts of incorrect information. Things about joseph smith being a freemason and a gold digger and he wrote the book of Mormon and all sorts of jibberish, but arguing wasn´t getting us anywhere, then get this he said that for him to be saved he has to get married in the temple and wear that funny underwear, and that really upset me, i talked to him very firmly saying that he cannot talk about the temple because he has no idea what they are and what goes on inside and told him to stop talking about that and to get his information correct the we ended it nicely saying, “ well why don’t you just read the book to see if what your saying is true or if what were saying is true” because he never has read it but was bashing so much and we told him he has no idea because he has never read it, and told him to just give it a chance, atleast read it so your information can be correct so you can actually know what it says. And he said ok, i´ll read it, but in English, so this Tuesday we are going to give him a book in English and give him time to read it!! I know that the purpose of that book is to convince so If he really wants to know he will be converted. Sometimes people can be really stressfull. But we ended it well!!! That’s about a wrap for this week. I´ll let you know how it went next week!!! I´m proud of all the fam for everything!! I sent letters and pics in the mail today so be on a watch out for them. i´m proud of ty and his talent, that is a gift from god and the new testament tells us what we must do with those gifts. as well as the rest of the family!!!! and guess what is coming up, christmas!! i´ll be gettin to chat with you all on the phone. rice is still on the menu and hand washing is what i do every monday morning, the clothes are fine because i can by new stuff here, there is a distribution center so if i ever need garments i just by them here!!! but thanks

love you very much

love elder olsen

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