Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 7, 2011


it was a so so kind of week, the romero family is super excited and
are keeping all the commandments that we teach them, they are going to
get baptised this saturday!! dont worry, i will send some snap shots.
enrique came to church also and is progressing little by little, he
still needs a firm testimony of joseph smith so thats what we are
working on, and the past saturday we were supposed to have a baptism,
remember maricruz, well saturday we went and filled up the baptisimal
font and got all ready and invited all the members then about 30
minutes before it was supposed to start she told us that her mom
didnt´want her to get baptised and we tried talking to her mom but she
is so hard in the heart that she would not let her! they all think
that baptism takes a year or more to prepare yourself to get baptised
and much more and etc. also the northamerican bill has not been
reading the book of mormon like he is supposed to. right now he is in
heleman and he wrote up a giant list of things why the book of mormon
isn´t true and he says he has been praying to know but we told him
that he hasnt got an answer because he doenst want to know if it is
true, the thing that i have realized here in bolivia, well outside of
the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is just how
spiritually blinded these people are, there way of thinking and
interpreting the bible it just makes me sad. we have a blessing and a
gift, the holy ghost, personal revelation, and much more to actually
be able to open our spiritual eyes and see really who got is and what
he wants us to do! be ever so thankful for what you have and the
blessing of being a member of the true church! i sure am. so how is
the family doing, i still havent got your letter but i´m positive i
will be getting it this wednesday! and the snow, tell it hi for me
please!! so mom get this, austin comes home in 2 weeks, super crazy,
you have to see that kid when he gets home!! and then jake comes home
2 weeks after! time flies, the present passes and the future comes. i
love you very much

love elder olsen

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