Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hola familia!!

This week was a hard one! Trying to complete all the goals and pushing
myself harder than ever to get stuff done!!! Turns out the mission can
be really hard work sometimes! We had our one investigator with a
baptisimal date and he is so not showing that he´s ready to get
baptised and he didn´t show up to church and now he´s lost his
baptisimal date! So we went and visited him and we told him and he
just said he´ll just wait until he gets back from brasil in about a
month or so!!! Ya totally bites!! So our weekly goal of lessons with a
member is 15 and up to yesterday we only had 5 so I sent my companion
with another elder who is still waiting for his companion and I worked
with a member! We left church at noon and skipped lunch and started
knocking doors trying to get lesson after lesson and contact after
contact! Well we ended up completing our goals and did 8 lessons with
a member, 2 new converts and less actives and 1 other lesson!! That’s
what I call work! I´m super tired by we completed our goals and that’s
all that matters! We´ve been trying to find people lately but were
just having a period of bad luck and we cant find the right people!!
We just keep finding the people that don´t want to progress and that
only want to talk about god!!! It can be very very stressfull
sometimes but the lord has blessed me with patience!! Well the
transfers are this Wednesday and i´m kinda thinking I might go because
I have been here in riberalta for 6 months, but Tuesday night they are
going to call and we shall find our fate!! Things are going good In
bolivia, the heat is comin on in, it continues to rain every once in a
while but mostly humidity is what settles here! Work, work and more
work like I said right now we haven´t found anyone “special” yet but
were working on it, we might have a few that could be progressors but
as of now were still searching!! Spanish Is coming really good, I wish
I was with a latino so I could speak more and learn more cause
training a gringo sure doesn´t help with my Spanish ya know!! But I
guess it really helps him!! So how are you all doing at home!! Whats
new! Glad to hear that blessings are getting handed out to you all
daily!! I´m learning a lot about the scriptures and I cant wait to get
home to share everything that’s being learned!!! Well I love you all
very much and I pray for you daily! Never forget that the next life is
better than this! And our success is a reflection of our choices we
make! Get to know yourselves!! Then you´ll know of your purpose here
in this life and the duties you are to complete to help the lord build
his kingdom on the earth! And I promise that as soon as you find out
who you are you will wish you would have tried harder! That’s a quote
from pres. Eyering! Lets all learn from it
I love you! Your all in my thoughts and prayers
Love elder olsen

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Buenos Dias familia!!!
How is it all going dudes!!! Well this week was pretty good, minus the
investigator part!! So we have an investigator named Rony who is 17.
We found him contacting one day and he fell in love with the gospel.
We taught him the first time about families and then we went back and
slayed the baptisimal lesson!!! He accepted his date for the 16th of
april and we continued to teach him meanwhile, lesson after lesson, we
taught him the word of wisdom and that was hard for him because he
smokes and drinks like everyone else here but he accepted to live it,
then we taught him about the law of chastity and that pretty much
killed him!! He says he has a girlfriend and….ya…. but he accepted to
live it and everything was going great until Saturday. We had his
interview and he never showed up, then Sunday came along and he didn´t
show up at church!!we passed by his house in the morning to get him
and his two little sisters came out and said he wasn´t there but then
they both told us “ were going to go to church with you “ a 10 year
old and an 8 year old so sure enough they came to church with us and
they stayed for all and they absolutely loved it and said they´re
going to go everyweek!! Kinda weird but hey at least someone from his
family is going, so we had to go back to his house and move his
baptisimal date back a week until the 23rd because we needs to atleast
assist 3 times to church to get baptized. But he´s still excited!!! So
cambios are in a week and i´m super excited!! I think i´m outta here!!
I´ve been in riberalta for 6 months so I think its my turn to
bounce!!! Well this week my comp and I completed all of our daily
goals which president absolutely loves!! We found a lot of new
investigators that I think will progress so hey, i´m not
complaining!!! The lord sure guides us to the people he has prepared!
Spanish is great, life is great!! I love the mission and want it to
last forever! Although at times it can be difficult, the end result is
worth it all!!! Doctrine and covenants 15 truly describes what i´m
trying to say so go read it!! My English grammer is getting horrible
because i´m speaking too much Spanish!!! Nice!

well mother i did end up getting your package and thanks!!!! that was
perfect!! the tuna was delish!!! and yes i do need some more things..
i was wondering if you could send me a new journal one with alot of
pages prefferably, mines starting to run out, also maybe some packets
of double a batteries, the ones here are not the best, and also was
wondering if you could send me back my sd card with all my pics from
the mtc on it!!! those will be it for now if you could do that i would
love you even more!!!;) ha!! well i love you all and i pray for you
all every day!!! i pray for bob so keep that faith up!!
love elder olsen

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

hello mother and family!!! this week was great! each and every day we
had something nice happen, but right after the saturday afternoon
conference session, which was amazing, my companion and i went out to
do some contacts! we completed all of them and started to head to a
lesson that we had planned, we passed a small wooden house and said
hello and kept walking but then i had the feeling to go back. so not
doubting the spirit i turned right around and started talking to her,
she gladly let us in her house and we started off by teaching about
faith!! all went well then i asked her if she had any questions or
anything she wanted to say,.. yes, she says, i´m not baptised, i grew
up all my life with my family and never got baptised, right now i go
to the catholic church but like i said i´m not baptised and i want you
guys to incluide me in your church and baptise
me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!!! is was super sweet!!! so we got
all excited and started telling her that we will start helping her so
she can and that we gotta keep visiting her to help her know of some
things the lord wants her to do so she´ll be ready!!! it was
awesome!!! as of now were just waiting for the next appointment to
slam the baptisimal question and put a date down!!! gnarly

so hows that mother!!! i know you wanna hear from me alot more and
wanna know alot more about the mission life and i´m sorry that i´m
slacking!! i´ll try my hardest, its just sometimes hare to focus on
what i did and remember what i did while i´m typing cause i´m trying
to answer all the questions people ask me and try to respond back to
how well it sounds like all the family is and forget to mention a
little somethin somethin about the mission life but i´ll change
that!!! i´m a totally different person now, if only you could talk to
me to see for yourself!! you may think that i´m not a talkative person
like i used to be, but the mission sure changes a person and makes you
do things sometimes even if you dont want to!! its quite the growing
experience!!! i feel like i´m 40 years old taking care of all these
crazy bolivians!! time is flying here in the mission, i have been out
over 7 months now and the time just keeps disappearing!! conference
was super sweet!! pres. monson is a wise man! didn´t you notice how
much they talked about the temple and families, interesting eh!!! GO
TO THE TEMPLE!!!! we have one 5 minutes away and dont take advantage
of it, the one here is hours and hours away and people do the
imposible to get there!!! we dont realize how lucky we are!!! the
temple is the mediator between heaven and earth!! the veil really is
as thin as paper!!! well fam. i love you all and keep telling me good
love elder olsen