Tuesday, November 29, 2011

September 18, 2011

Que tal familia.!!!

Como están, que ha pasado! Parece que todos están bien y felices.

This week was a busy one. So yeah kety is baptized and she has left, she is in texas right now and you know how we have been working hard with her family. Trying to do everything possible to get them baptized. We had been calling them every night and asking her if she prayed to know if she should get baptized. And finally last night we asked her if she prayed and she said yes, and we asked her if she was going to go to church and said yes, so the next day we were anxiously waiting for her in church and guess what she said. Hey, elder this weekend is when were supposed to get baptized right,? I told her yes and she said, ok, we can get baptized.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude it was sweet, and I knew that she would say yes, also olver melendres has been getting really excited for his baptism this weekend also. Hes 20 years old and ready to enter into the waters of mormon! Me and my comp have been really busy this week babysitting these elders. Some are obedient but others aren’t. sometimes I ask myself why these people are here if they don’t want to even work. But its their deal, not mine!!! We had been contacting a lot of pastors and people from other churches, and i´ve come to find out just how much they don’t know. They are so ignorant and have no idea what this life realy is about. How can someone actually think that believing in god is enough. And the other things they say are just so ridiculous. All I know is that we have the truth and thanks to the restoration we know the answers to all of those questions. Life is simple and organized. You just gotta follow the recipe. Time is flying, I cant believe it. Austin will be coming home in November and jake in December. Isnt´that crazy.!!! Well for ty. You have to get excited about the mission. Nothing in the world is worth more than the mission. Youll find out who you really are when you step foot in the mission field but yes, I want to atleast be home before you leave. You can still start your papers and get them all ready so you can send them off asap. But I have to be home to give you some pointers!!!! You´ll love it! Sounds like the family is growing up and becoming grownups.!! Cant wait to see everyone again!!

Bueno les amo y espero que estén bien. Yo sé que el señor les esta bendiciendo bastante. Solo hay que sequir sus mandamientos, nada mas!!!! Cuídense

Les amo

Elder olsen

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