Tuesday, November 29, 2011

September 12, 2011

hola Familia!!!!!

this week went by super duper fast!! my companion and i had concilio, which is all the zone leaders getting together with president calderon and he gives us a few pointers. there are about 25 zone leaders in the mission. and get this, more than half are from the usa and more than half are from my group.!!!!! crazy. my group is doing great and we are all working hard. so there is this person in our ward and her name is kety, her mom and sisters and brothers arent members but she is, she is 23 and get this, she is moving to the united states to get married, she is moving to houston texas then to salt lake, we talked for awhile about the usa and stuff and we have been talking to her family so they can get baptised, they always come to church and so we went to their house and put a baptisimal date and she said she would get baptised but she still isn´t sure and she wants to pray about it, but yesterday was very powerful, kety bore her testimony about how badly she suffers because her mom is losing very many opportunities that god has given her and how she wants to see her in the temple sealed and happy as can be. it was very spiritual and it helped us out alot. she is getting alot more certain about her baptisimal date, the other one with a baptisimal date named carlos is not wanting to obey the law of chastity and is´nt really trying hard to have a change in his life so he lost his baptisimal date!!! things are going good although like i said, we work our behinds off the entire week and then when sunday comes, nobody shows up.!!! it makes me upset because we want so badly that they come to church but they just dont want to, and theyre gonna regret it. like it says in mathew 25. the parable of the ten virgens, five of them were all ready and had oil and when the bridegroomcame the were ready to go wit him and the other 5 virgens werent prepared and asked them to lend them oil but they said to go buy it for themselves and they lost the opportunity. in life we need to always be ready, we dont know when the end is but we have to be ready in every second!!!! amy companion and i are getting along very well, i´m still in an area with complete sand, kinda weird, its poor but not as much as riberalta. and the weather is super duper hott and humiddddd.!!!!! thats all it is here, super hotttttt. the people are good, they always try to lie to us and tell us that they are busy when they arent´, we know when they are lying. alot of people think that we are false and stuff but it just makes us laugh because we have the truth and nothing but it. nobody else so whatever we say, its true nobody can take away the truth that we have!!!! enjoy it!!!! thanks family for everything!! keep working hard and reading the gold plates and learning more about whats most important, the life of christ and the atonement.!!!

love you

love elder brady cade olsen

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