Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

helllooooo family!!!!

its good to hear from you, today is a great and shining day!!! we had cambios, i am no longer training but i´m zone leader now!! i´m with an elder from ecuador his name is elder fuentes!! its super sweet, zone leader is fresh sauce!! we are here in bajio santa cruz, another area full of sand but its nice being zone leader, we have to take care of all the missionaries in the zone! sometimes we have to babysit because they dont want to be obedient!! well i´m not sure if teo got baptised or not but its cool, faith comes in and he´ll be baptised!! when i got here there was´nt a single person with a baptisimal date and now at the end of the week we have 2 people!! on of them named carlos came to church and that very night we went to his house and put a date down and he accepted so you could say that the lord really helps us out!!!!

so mom i have some homework for you..... you are a mother and you need to be friends with all of my comps mothers from the states!!!! and get cool with them!!!

first of all, elder alex haws from sierra vista arizona

elder tyler hansen from pocatello idaho

elder burchill from la california

elder sainsburys mom is already your friend

i´ll get more info about their moms so you can find them on facebook and be thier friends!!!!!!

so guess what happens in 3 days!!!!!!!!!! i will officially complete one year in the mission field!! how crazy is that, i cant believe how fast time flies. i still feel like i am a newbeee but i guess not!!! not much happened this week because of transfers and all but i finished the book of mormon in spanish and now i´m starting it in portugues and then in quechua. quechua is an indian dialect that the bolivians speek here, itscrazy and i´m trying to learn in, ive already got a few words down!!! i love the mission and i´m so proud of all my fam!!! ty better be learning german cause its possible he goes there, and you know what its really really possible that he gets called to the bolivia santa cruz mission!!!!!!!!!!!! ojalá!! well take care and thanks for everything!! i love you very very much!






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