Tuesday, November 29, 2011

October 10, 2011


dude dont worry i made you a homeade card also. but just need to send it!!!!! holy shnickeys, i cant believe that dude is 15 years of age. and almost sixteen when i get home, yeehaw!!! well this weeek was a crazy one, not much to say because we barely worked, wednesday were transfers and me and my comp stayed and were zone leaders so we had to do alot of sending elders to their new areas and getting them from airports and so we spent all day thursday in the airport until 930 at night, then the next day we had a conference all day as well, and we barely found anytime this week to teach, but christina is still progressing, she is super excited to get baptised, she is set now and knows that she wants to do it. she is getting to know some members and things are woriking out just great!! we also have a bunch of families that we are teaching but they arent going to church and not wanting to progress so we are trying to find these people who really want to go to church and get baptised!!!! but seriously that is about all that has happened this week, i´m still here in bajio with elder fuentes, its super hot here and very humid, there is sand everywhere like i explained before, its not dirt, its sand and nothing is paved but hey, thats bolivia for ya, its pretty gnarly. were finding alot of people and praying alot and working our behinds offfffff but the lord is the person that helps us alootttttt!!!

so hows the fam, hows ty, rebekah has how many kids now, 20?? dude whats new with you and bob, how are things going, hows oakley, does she know spanish fluently yet, if not now, very soon i´m sure, hows kessley and hayden and lauri and alec!!! i wanna see some up to date pics of them all!!!! well i hope that by this next week i have alot more to say, but hey what you can do is ask me a bunch of questions then i´ll have something more to write about!!! take care, i love you all, i´ll be sending some stuff in the mail shortly so be looking for it!

i love you very much!!

love elder olsen

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