Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 28, 2011


Wow!! This week was a stressfull/delightful week, my comp and I have been knocking alottttttt of doors trying to find some people for December and we really have been working in the sweaty heat and its been hard! And at times the lord blesses us with great people on the other side of the door, and at other times, there are just some people who aren’t ready to make life changing covenants with our heavenly father! Sometimes it can be very stressfull, but in the long run, looking back at all we have done, we come to find out that its not all in vain, but really it was worth it. We did have the blessing of finding a lady named selva and she has three kids. She was baptized awhile back and moved to the are where we are and its been about 4 years since she has last gone because she had no idea that the church was in our area. So… we got her excited and talked to her kids who aren’t baptized and will be on the 17th of December!! What a blessing to be able to help out this single mother so she can have the gospel in her family!! We also visited this one lady named maritza, and with very little faith we taught her thinking that she only wants to bash on the mormons, but we didn´t let her go, we called her and told her we were going to pick her up so she could come with us to church Sunday and guess what, she came and guess what, she loved it and guess what, she wants to bring all of her family!!!! Its really been a strange week.

Well, how was thanksgiving?? We didn´t do anything here because first of all its not a holiday and second of all, we eat chicken every single day but we are super excited for Christmas. We have a small Christmas tree in the house with some ornaments and were really getting into the Christmas spirit!!! Were you guys able to talk to my companions family???? Were loving it here, were working hard and we see the blessings day by day, right now i´m studying the new testament and there is a lot that I am learning. Especially about paul and how well he taught the gospel and baptized everyone in his sight!! I´m really forcing myself to be more like the prophets and apostles because they have a spirit that just cuts to your heart and makes you want to be more like Christ!!! So for Christmas were only going to be able to call so you got to get everyone rounded up so we can all chattttttt!!! Its gonna be a good day. I´m super excited!!!

Dude i cant relieve that austin is already homeeeeeeeee!!! Sounds like things went well in his homecoming talk!! I miss the poop outta that kid and all the others as well!!!! keep in touch with them and let me know how austin is doing and dont forget to go to jakes homecoming also!! let me know how it goes!!

love you veryyyy much

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