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December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011


Whats crackin?? This week was ok… yesterday was probable one of the worst days (lesson wise) in my entire misión!! First things first, maritza is off schedule now, she thinks all the churches are true and wants to continue going to her church so we let her be. Selva and her kids weren´t able to come to church because they went to her aunts house but they are going to get baptized on Christmas eve. Should be great. Nobody came to church so that pretty much suckkkeeeeddd! And after lunch from about 2 to 6 we just walked around knocking door after door and absolutely nobody let us in their house. We weren’t able to teach one single lesson in that time!! Its kinda funny because throughout the week EVERYONE says they don’t have any time, only on the weekend like Saturday and Sunday is when all the family is home and when we knock on their doors Saturday or Sunday they don’t have even one second for us. It kinda gets you upset because you know they are lying outta their teeth and they just don’t want to talk to us.. all I can say is that it’s a giant pacience test!! And its helping I guess you could say. It wasn´t the best week. We have been looking all over the place for a family and we just cant seem to find one. Lots of praying and fasting. But I know it will come!!

The new testament is quite interesting. Read romans, its sweet, it talks a lot about the trials we have in this life and the best part is that its written for the members of the church. It’s a letter paul wrote to the romans and it helps us out a lot to realize why we have problems in this life. My companion and I are working super hard and sometimes these trials and pacience tests just make us want to give up, but then a simple thought of our investigators makes us want to move forward. It was such a great feeling to see Mario, the family we baptized, in sacrament meeting with a shirt and tie and excited to prepare themselves as a family to go to the temple!! That really does bring a good feeling!!

So Christmas day is when we will be talking i´ll give you more info when Christmas gets a little closer. But get the fam all rounded up cause it´ll be wonderful.

it makes me feel good to hear that the fam is musically inclined!! kessley is going to be an amazing violinist. and oakley, well she will just be famous. alec and jake also with the guitar. i´m super excited to play with them when i get back. and ty, with the cello. he has to keep playing the cello!!

mom, this week jake comes home, his parents went to pick him up i guess but you have to go to his homecoming this week and let me know how he is. i miss that boy you have to tell him that. if you want to call his family his house number is 755-3236

thanks for everything, we shall be talking very sooooonnnn..

p.s. hows austin doing???
love elder olsen

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