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December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011


This week went much much better than the last!! We had alot of people at church so it went very well. So we have this one investigator named thomas and we had been teaching him for months now and he has gone to church a few times and he always loves it when we come to teach him and he even comes with us to some family nights but the thing is, is that he doesnt want to get baptised, he tried to throw out some lie saying he didnt believe in god and what not but totally caught that one and told him that he believes. Alot of jibberish but yesterday my companion and i were talking about him and how we can help him get baptised, we decided to just go to his house and be super firm and direct and find out why he doesnt want to get baptised. We went and started asking question after question and he just answered and we were able to find out what he needs, we read him mosiah 18 about alma when he was teaching in mormon and told them that if they are willing to cry with others and cary their burdens and help others and be a wittness of god in all times etc. Then what stops you from being baptised, and when we read that we bore testimony of baptism and how we know that he needs to get baptised and there was a silence and he looked up at us and with a deep crackling voice he said ïm willing to get baptised¨and we asked him when and he said ¨in two weeks¨ it was really a mirracle because this dude has been so difficult to read and he has tried so many times to throw obstacles in the way to stop us from talking about baptism but now we got him, we casted out our line and cuaght this fish and all we gotta do is reel him in!!! It was just a small mirracle that happened this week! Things are going very well here, i´m still in campo rosa with elder packard, by the way have you been able to contact his family yet????? Well i guess i´ll be calling the 22nd for about 5 minutes and then the 23 is when we are going to be able to talk on the phone, so now you know!!

i still haven´t got your package yet but i´m sure that it´ll be here this next week!!!

so why did tanner come home, do you know???? that kinda sucks, well keep an eye out on austin and let him know how things are going, i cant write him throught email so i´ll write to you so you can send it to him. and please go to the homecoming of jake and let me know how he´s doing!!!

love you very much.... tell the fam hello

love elder olsen

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