Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012


Wow!!! I cant even believe it!!!!!! Congrats ty!!! Estoy feliz!!! Ahora tienes que prapararte para que puedas estar listo! No te preocupes voy ayudarte mucho cuando yo llegue!! Vamos a estar juntos cada minuto del dia!!!!!!!

Wow i cant believe it!!! Your going to be speaking español with me!! And san Antonio texas is the place where you need to be. How wonderful!! Congrats bro. i´m super proud of you. Just prepare yourself now, you have to read every single day, the book of mormon and preach my gospel and don’t worry when I get home I am going to teach you Spanish for two weeks!!! You are going to be a pro before you get out there!! Learn and read the teachings of alma. He was a great missionary. Follow his steps. Read alma chapter 26 and you will come to find out how the lord always helps! And how to be a successful missionary! Anything you want to know just write me, ask me questions, the best tip I can give you is don’t waste your time!! Get prepared. Study study study and get focused because it’s a big change!!


Well this week was great, the mission presdente came to yacuiba and so we were able to have interviews and conferences. It was spiritual. My mission president is a very inspired man. Then on Sunday we had a meeting with all the leaders and priesthood holders and we went over the ward councel meeting and how it needs to be done!! He is filled with wisdom and knowledge. He knows the scriptures like the back of his hand. We have been teaching the mérida family. Roberto, loeonor, Karen and wilfredo. They all went to church with us yesterday, it was special because is was mothers day so they were able to feel like they were lovedJ we are also teaching Carmen. Shes 20 years old and she is the daughter of the family that we baptized a few months ago, she wasn’t living here but now she is so we are teaching her, she loves church and she is going to get baptized the 9th of june.

I really just am super excited for ty!!! This whole week I was so anxious for Monday to see if he had gotten his call!! I´m proud of him!! He is going to do great!! There really isn’t much running through my mind other than that!!!

Things are going well here in yacuiba, its still cold and rainy every day. Were just getting by. The branch is slowely getting better. Sometimes my comp and I have to help out a lot with the leaders and the lessons and talks to get them all excited!! But it can be hard sometimes, there are so many returned missionaries that are inactive. What a shame right?? I don’t understand how somebody could serve a mission and then return and not live up the those very temple covenants and ordanances like elder Holland says!! But we´ve got work to do!!!

Thanks for everything!! Again, congrats to ty!!

Love you allllllllll

Love elder olsen

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