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December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011


Whats up fam!! Thats Great to hear that you went to jakes homecoming!! How is that boy doing!!! That would be great to be able to talk to him also!!! Yes I will be talking to dad so i´ll be able to talk to the kids too! This Thursday will be the pre phone call for 5 minutes to be able to set up a time for the phone call Friday, I don’t think i´ll be able to buy a calling card it will be much easier for you to refill the minutes on the calling card! That’s the easiest way!!

As for this week, everything went extremely well, very relaxing and stress free!! We have a lot of help from the members, including people who cant walk, they have to use crutches!! This ward here is the best ward I have had in my entire mission and I do not want to get transferred!! I would be happy here for the rest of mymission!! Well Elder Packard and I this week contacted a lot and we have been praying a lot to try and find more people for this January and Friday we found edgar standing outside his shop where he cuts hair and we taught him and his “wife” they aren’t married yet but when we taught about the law of chastity, edgar said “ I think that by Christmas would be good” he got so excited to get married and baptized with his wife! Yesterday we went to pick them up and they were all ready to go dressed all nicely and after church they told us how much they loved it!! Thomas is still excited to be baptized and this weekend we are going to baptize 3 people! The mother is already a member but her three children aren’t!! I think this has been one of the best weeks in my mission. I am learning a lot from the liahona and from the new testament, paul was such a great apostle, he taught with great power and authority!! Makes me want to be better! So yesterday in church my comp and I arrive and we hear from the pulpit, “we are now going to hear a message from our missionaries” quite the surprise for us, I got up and without anything on my mind, I started to talk about prayer and how much it has helped us this week! It went well, and my comp talked about baptism, so the spirit was with us, then in priesthood thy asked us to give the class, yet another surprise, but here in the mission i´m used to that, the church is new here and very disorganized and the missionaries have to do everything when somebody isn´t prepared, it just all falls on us!! But the good part is that the church is growing!! I have been able to learn a lot of patience this week, when we contact we get a lot of garbage and a lot of people that like to say false things about joseph smith, that just strengthens my testimony, as the prophet said that his name would be taken for both good and bad throughout the world and when I hear bad things it strengthens my testimony of how he truly was a prophet, and I invite you to ask our father in heaven yet again if he was a prophet and I promise your testimony will be that much stronger!!

no i still haven´t gotten your package but i´m sure its on its way, lets have faith and hope that it comes!!!!!! i love you very much and its only a matter of time until were talking on the phone!!!!!
love elder olsen

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