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January 2, January 9, 2012

Jan 2, 2012


how are things going, this week went great, we had transfers but i stayed with elder packard again. were super excited and ready to go and baptise!! this week went pretty well, the people that we have been teaching didnt come to church because of new years eve but it went by great for us. everyone was shooting off fireworks and drinking lots and lots of alcohol so thats about all that happened this week. i have been studying alot now in revelations and its super crazy. i´ve been diggin deep and there is actually alot of deep doctrine. pretty much this week i was able to strenghten my testimony by listening to all of the other religions talk to us when we contact them. all i can say is that we are in the true church. there isnt another one. the prophet and apostles are called of god and the general conference proves it. my companion and i this week knocked alooooot of doors and have walked alooooot, and were trying to find something new to do to find new investigators. lots of members that help us out here, our pensionista ( the member that gives us lunch everyday) her name is Irma and she is basically our mother here, she really takes care of us and treats us like her kids, she´s super duper great, so you can sit back and relax because i do have a mother here that takes care of me!! other than that there really hasn´t been much that happened this week, you guys are mostly up to date with the phone call but things are going super duper great, hows the kids doing??? anything new?? think of questions to ask me the next time you write and i´tll be much better!!! all i can say is that i love you guys and hope things are going kosher!!!

love elder olsen

January 9, 2012

Hows it going!! Good to hear from you guys this week! My comp and I have been working hard this week and Jaime came to church and is super excited to get baptized on the 28th of January. We have been knocking a lot of doors and fasting and praying to find a family, and I think we have, Thursday we found the barrio family 7 people in the family and the dad and son came to church Sunday, we went to their house after and taught them all and they are excited to go as a family this next Sunday!! We are starting to see the results of our work and I like it!! Its stressfull sometimes but in the end its wonderful. We have people that we are teaching and my companion and I are really working hard, super exhausted physically but spiritually strengthened. Lots and lots of prayers this week but the good news is that they came to church. And that’s what makes me happy, because the entire week teaching and teaching and teaching and teaching but if they don’t come to church, we cant do anything so we always focus on that!!! And the blessings are coming like crazy!! Today we are going to have a zone activity with another zone, were going to play soccer and eat, gonna be wonderful.

So hows the fam!! Kessley and Oakley sound like they are big girls now, ty, i´m super happy for the decision he is making to serve a mission, best decision ever, and alec also for being a counceler, that’s good!! Whats the latest news with hayden and lauri!?? Hope all is well! whats new with jake and austin, how are they doing, i think they are in provo right?? well keep reading and keep being happy, still haven´t got your package yet, who knows where it is! but i´m doing good, i love you guys so much and appreciate everything you do and say!!

have a wonderful week

love elder olsen

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