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February 5, 13 of 2012

February 5, 2012Sup family!!

This week has been great. We had a conference with president calderon and all of the zone leaders and it was so wonderful!!!! President calderon is the best mission president there ever was. He´s always super excited for the work and that gets us excited.

Well Jaime did get baptized and he is super happy, he came to church with his shirt and tie and is looking good. Rosa and Erica are also super excited, we weren’t able to visit her at all this week because of all of the conferences and stuff and when we went to her house yesterday to pick her up for church, she was already ready. How wonderful is that!! She has already gone three weeks in a row and is so happy and ready to get baptized with her 8 year old daughter!! My companion elder Packard and I have been working really hard to try to find new people. We have been knocking a lot of doors and I guess you could say that we have found some good people, although in the moment it seems like we haven’t found anyone, then Sunday night comes along and we realize that yes, we actually have found some great people so I guess we cant complain. So elder packards brother got his mission call and he is going to Ukraine!! Pretty cool huh, today we just read it and he is super excited because he has an older brother who went to Russia so they both are going to speak Russian. Cool huh, now ty just has to get his!! But NOOOOO I want to see him before he goes!!!! Maybe he´ll atleast be in the mtc when I get home then i´ll be able to visit him there, because elder packards brother leaves the end of april!! But i´m just happy that he´s going to go!!! So here in the mission I have learned alottttt!! Even though I still have about a half of a year left, I still feel like i´m new, everyday I learn something new that helps me better my teaching!! But the biggest thing that I have learned are deffinately the attributes of Christ, and it would have to be the patience!! These people here don’t know anything!!! Seriously but we try so hard to help them understand and as it says in doctrine and covenants that when two people understand eachother, its like a light turning on, they both are happy, I don’t know in English but in Spanish it sounds much more spiritual.!!!!:) so yes, i´m still here in campo rosa, 6 months but we do have transfers this Thursday and its most likely that i´m going to be transferred even though I don’t want to! This area has been the best one in my entire mission!! I´ll never forget this area!!so you already applied me at utah state???? and yes, feel free to apply me anywhere else, the more the marrier!! but i think that utah state is the top of my list for right now, but i dont know when the dead line is so if you have any problems, just call elder sainsburys mom because she works there!! but yes, jake is at the university of utah!! but you can apply me to anywhere else also, that would be great, just in case!!thanks for everything mom!! hope oakley is ok, alec is probably huge!!!!! and ty, i´m super happy for him!! say hello to bob and the rest

elder olsen

February 13, 2012


Well family, i got transfered, i am no Longer in santa cruz. They sent me to YACUIBA!!! Its at the very very very very bottom of Bolivia, and my limit is argenting, everyday I see argentina, its pretty cool so the area where i´m at right now is full of argentinos. But this area is so beautiful, its got mountains and rivers and its super greeeeeeennnn!! I absolutely love this area. I left Thursday at 5 in the morning, took a flight to Tarija, then another one to yacuiba!! My new companion is elder lines from boise Idaho. Hes super cool we already knew eachother so we already get along!! I sure had a great welcome here because when I got here they already had 6 people with a baptismal date that are super excited and the very day I got here we found a new person named Milton, we taught him the restoration and gave him a book of mormon, he came to church Sunday and Sunday night we all watched the testaments and he came also, he´s getting to know pretty much all of the members and is super excited!! All I can say is that yacuiba is the best!! I am going to love it here and i´m happy because the zone leaders always stay in their area for 6 months or more so I think i´ll be ending my mission here!!! There is this one river trail that is at the foot of the mountains, next week we are going to go hike it, it’s the entire boarder line of argentina and Bolivia, so i´ll be taking a lot of fotos to send to you guys!!! Don’t worry i´ll be sending!! So i´ve got a question for you?? The people here don’t get married, they just move in together. We go and teach them the law of chastity and tell them how big of a sin it is and you have to keep in mind that these people have been living together for 10 to15 years and have 2 to 5 kids, it’s a normal looking family but the only thing is that they don’t get married, so we teach them and then invite them and they always always always say the same thing. …….. “you have to think a lot about that before getting married” “ why am I gonna get married if tomorrow we get divorced” etc. and these lines are coming out of people who are older than you and have living with the person longer than necessary. What can we teach, how can we teach them, are there any pointers you can give us, because were not married and you are, you know how it marriage is, so whats the best thing we can teach about marriage, what can we teach them that will get them super excited that they´ll say “ok, tomorrow we´ll get married” we need something like that!! So if you have any pointers or anything about anything, a testimony about tithing, Sabbath day, word of wisdom, prophets, whatever, I would love to have another hand in this work!! And its always more powerful and spiritual if we share testimonies from our family members!!
so ty, i´m super proud of you but i really hope i get to see you before you leave, if not, i´ll be able to stop by the mtc and wish you luck!! you get those papers filled out and get out here, we need your help. this world is crashing!! kneel down everynight and ask for strenght and preparation because you have to start strong!! love you bro. i´m super proud of the decision you have made, you will never ever in your entire life regret it!! take my advice. i love the mission and wish i could stay here for the rest of my life because i dont have one single worrie!! its the best. you´ll love it!!

mother, just another side note, let me know if utah state has accepted me, i need to know soon. thanks for doing everything for me!!

love you guys, i´m learning portuguese also, pretty cool

eu sei que a igreja de jesus cristo e a verdadeiro, e uma bendiçao estar aqui na missáo.

i llove yyyou guyssss


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