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January 16, 23, 29 of 2012

January 16, 2012

Hello family!!!

how are things going?? this week went great for us!!! we found another person named selmi and she is going to get baptised on the 4th of february!! she is super excited, her mom was a member but has passed away and now she wants to join forces with us!! so yesterday i had quite a spiritual experience!! we had to interview 5 people so they can get baptised, the first person was super excited and ready to get baptised, then his mother was also so excited because she had found what they were missing in their family and then came the other son named alejandro!! we sat down and i asked him how he was and how he felt and he told me straight up that he does´t believe in joseph smith!! he told me that he doesnt believe that thomas monson is a prophet, so i started with a prayer and we started to talk about prophets and their role in this life and what they do etc. he was able to understand much better, then i continued with the baptisimal interview questions and we finished all of them, he is so ready to get bbaptised but the only thing is that he doesnt have a testimony of josph smith. i told him what i felt and bore my testimony of how i know he was a prophet, my experience etc. then i asked him to kneel down with me and say a prayer to ask our heavenly father if joseph smith was a profet, he accepted, we knelt down and he started off with his prayer, in my mind i was begging and begging god to let me feel the spirit and to let him feel it to, and in that very moment the spirit came very strongly and i was able to feel the power of god and his spirit testifying to me that yet again, jose smith was a profet, and after he finish we sat down and i shared the experience with him and how i felt the spirit, i dont know if he had felt the same way but i know that the spirit was there, and after that he told me that he is going to keep praying and praying in silence to try and meditate better before saturday because that is when they all are going to get baptised. for me it was a spiritual experience and i know i did the right thing because it might now have been spiritual for him but it helped me strenghten my own testimon and now i know for sure that these things are true and what im doing is true!! i´m doing what i need to be doing.

well, hows things going in the home, whats new with the children?? and you and bob?? hope things are well, you need to tell jake and austin how i´m doing because i´m not able to write them, but tell them to keep writing me to let me know how things are going and things like that!!

mom, i have something IMPORTANT for you to do. right now i´m in the last part of my mission and i´ve got to start thinking a little bit about college, i dont want to think too much about it but i need you to do something for me as soon as possible to help me decide what i´m going to do. can you please apply me to utah state, university of utah and brigham young university. as many as you can, i need to make a decision right now so i can start studying when i get back but i think now is the time when i need to apply to see who accepts me and where i´m gonna go!! its requiring lots of prayers but if you could please do that for me to those colleges please as soon as possible and let me know when you do it and what the results are??????? please!! thanxxxxxxxxxxx

i love you very much and thanks for everything you are doing for me!! time is flying fast!!


elder olsen

January 23, 2012


Well how in the world is it going????? This week probably was one of the hardest in my entire mission. I don’t think that I have every heard so many people say that they were busy in one week!! My companion got a little sick so we had to stay in the house so we weren’t able to work very much this week!! But now hes a lot better. So selmi is not gonna get baptized now, she called us and said that she is not going to be able to do it, kinda weird but its her agency and were trying all that we can. But we contacted so much that we actually found someone. Here name is rosa, and she has 3 kids, she is married but her husband is a drunk and she is about ready to leave him, but we came along and are really helping her out, her husband still doesn’t want anything to do with us be her and her kids are loving the church, they went yesterday and they are going to get baptized on February 11th so we are super excited about that. And Jaime is going to get baptized this Saturday, he passed his interview and he´s ready to get baptized.

so ty is pretty much a trooper!!! thats super sweeet.. what a talent he has!! i´m proud of him, that awesome that he is going to go to state. oakley is such a poop head, she needs not do that!! i wonder why?? what could be the problem?? and as for alec!! dont get too far ahead of yourself!!i know that you know that the church is true, you just dont understand everything so that makes you confused but i promise you that you will be just fine!! but it makes me happy to know that you want to have your own testimony becuase that shows you arent just believing in what people tell you. all i can say right now is the only thing you need to do is gain your own testimony and you know how you can do that?? keep praying to know if joseph smith was a prophet and keep reading the book of mormon and praying to know if its true. i can promise you that you will get a great feeling and you will know that its true!! but dont worry because i still dont know everything but everyday i keep learning!!!

MOTHER!!! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks.... the toys were perfect, i gave some to a bunch of little niƱos!! i gave some to Irma´s (my pension, where we eat everyday) grandchildren and she says thank you thank you thank you!!! they really love it and the want you to know that they are very grateful for you and the toys!!!i think that i want to go to either USU or University of Utah. one of the two, so if you could apply me to those schools, i´m thinking about either engeneering or business, and of coarse minoring in spanish and foreign language!!

love you mom. your the best

love elder olsen

January 29, 2012


Welp!! We had a baptism. Jaime Rosales got baptized Saturday. And confirmed yesterday, it was one of the calmest baptisms that I have ever had in my entire mission!! This week was a fast one. We had a lot of stuff to do. And yes, rosa and her daughter Erica both came to church. Its been real good. Real good. The baptism was really nice. Rosa is excited to get baptized the 11th of February. My comp and I had to go to another area to make sure that the baptism went through because the elders aren’t there anymore, but I have learned a lot this week. My comp and I have been working hard, we are already finishing up this transfer, this is the last full week then I am pretty sure they are going to send me to another area, I don’t want to, this area has been the best in my entire mission. But as the teaching part, there really isn’t much to say because we haven´t had much time this week to find people or teach. But we were able to have a baptism, I was able to do it and my companion confirmed him yesterday, it was cool because he came with a shirt and tie and he looked like a normal member. And we also were able to visit rosa. She is excited but is having a hard time with her husband who is a drunk. But supposedly its getting better, he got a different job totry and stop drinking so much because he always would come home drunk because of his job. This week I have learned a lot about repentance and how its supposed to be done!! Its so amazing to know that through the atonement of jesus Christ one can become cleansed from all of their past sins. How wonderful. so ty is flying in the water is what it seems to me!! its sweet!! i´m excited to hear that you are starting your papers, get a move on them, pretty soon you´ll know where your off tooooo. elder packards brother is waiting for his call at this moment!! whats new with alec, everything good!?? and kessley and oakley sound like girls,, oakley still have ppooooppieee pants or what??????????? hows bob?? things going good with you guys?? when was the last temple visit??

so, any news on the college thing?? have you been able to apply me to atleast utah state?? i dont want to make things hard on you but i need to know soon because if so, i might need to come home a transfer early to start school because the classes start the end of august!! but that is if i´m accepted. but i would really like to be able to start right away!! let me know how things are going with that!!! everyone says hi, especially my converts!!

thanks for everything!!! you is the bestest!

love elder OLSEN

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