Monday, May 21, 2012

December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011

helloooo mother!!!

twas brillig being able to talk to you all! it was pretty nice to talk to jake and austin in spanish because it was alot more comfortable for me. but it was nice to talk to you! i too wish i could have said a few words to oakley! but i´ll be seeing her shortly! well we did have baptisms and it all went good, i got to baptise two of the three and my comp the other. then my comp got to confirm them! so the Serrudo family is super excited to get married and baptised, we went to pick them up sunday and they brought their dad and sister so they are already doing missionary work! there isn´t really much to say for this week because we talked on the phone, basically your caught up to date. we have transfers this week and i´ll be staying here, i´m sure of it!!

other than that, i know, i´ve got great friends, sure do miss them and cant wait to see them but my time will come, for now just gotta work work work. but they are all great friends, keep in touch with them and keep them up to date with me! it was also good to talk to dad and the kids that were over there! they all seem good and happy! alec still has no emotions ;) i guess its just cause he´s sad for what happened! DUMPED;)

ha ha but i miss you guys, very good to hear you, wish i could have talked to bob, tell him hi and i would love to hear from him also!! thanks for everything ma



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