Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012

How are things going?? I´m super excited for ty to get his mission
call!!! Thats going to be a great day. I have been having thoughts
about the phillilpeans. I think it will be to some chinease, japonese
crazy asian land. Thats my guess. So this week went pretty well, my
companion got sick so we had to stay in the house for a few days and
that was boaring but I did get alot of reading and studying done. As
for Jever and Sulma, we are still in the process of trying to get them
married, they are really hard to get ahold of, we visit them about
once a week which isn´t enough. We also found Pedro Fernandez, he is
about 60 years old or so and we invited him to get baptised on the 9th
of february and he accepted. He went to church yesterday and loved it
so things are going well with him. This week i have been studying in
alma about him and amulek going to visit some less actives, the
zoramites. If we put it into todays world they are like less actives
who all had left the church to go somewhere else and so alma and
amulek helped abunch of them return to the gospel. Its interesting
putting the scriptures in todays world. The book of mormon is super
good. There are so many things that i learn from it.

Everyone is growing up. I cant believe that kessley is going to be 11
years old tomorrow. She is getting to be quite the young girly girl.
And it just keeps coming.

so a good way to start a talk is first an example, story, experience
or something to bring the idea into play, then relate it to your talk
by a scripture. explaing what the topic is about and how we can
relate it tow our lives. then finish with a testimony! those are
great scriptures that you get to use. its good to talk about how we
must continue forward with our life firm on the foundation of christ
with all of our decisions, i dont know how to help in english, i only
remember the scripture in spanish and would be able to help in
spanish.... so you´ll have to forgive me. so you finally got my
letter!! wow, that took for ever. oh well, i´m still waiting for
your letter that you sent.
so when ty gets his call, have him email me!! i´m excited, when he
gets it, have him say a personal prayer so that he can be happy with
wherever he is going. really its not the place you go, its what you
do. wheather it be in the united states or out. every missionary is
teaching the same thing and nothing different. just be happy and get
ready now!!! love you guys very much and i´m super proud of ty!!!

p.s. where did you get mordaki from.



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