Monday, May 21, 2012

May 7, 2012

Familia mia!!

Whats going on!! So first things first, this Saturday i´ll be
calling to give you all the information so you guys can call me
THAT’S MY GUESS i´m super super excited for him to go!! Hopefully he
leaves after I get home, but if I get home and he is in the mtc i´ll
be able to visit him there!! I´m super excited!
So yenny is doing good, now were visiting Zulma and Jever, they are
going to get married the 19th of may and baptized the 26th of may!!
They went to church yesterday and absolutely loved it!! They are
progressing a lot!! So we had quite the experience this Thursday. We
were knocking doors, we were about to head home because it was getting
a little late, we knocked a door and a lady came out but said that she
was there alone, her family wasn’t there, there were only a few people
who were renting some rooms in the back. So we continued on and then
all of the sudden two people opened the door and shouted at us asking
us if we could come back. We walked up and Mary and Jose said that
they have been looking for a church, mary had just been in surgery and
is slowly recuperating, she said that she had been praying for a
church to go to because they had just arrived from santa cruz about a
week ago so they invited us in and we talked and taught and they said
they wanted to get baptized so we are working with them, the only
problem is that they aren’t married so it’s a little problem but were
going to help them get married and baptized!!! It was a great
experience because the lord sent us there at the right time, we had no
idea what was going to happen we just knocked the door.

Yesterday at church was great. It was fast Sunday, and the
testimonies were very great!! Its wonderful to hear how these people
came to know the truth. Time is flying family!! I have now completed
20 months in the mission. Its going by way to fast!!
Hope things are going well for every one of you guys!! I´m excited for
ty and for the rest of the family!! Sounds like the little ones were
able to understand what the Sabbath day really is!! Hope they have
learned something from that!!

Here are some photos. Thanks for everything, we´ll be talking this weekend
Love Elder Olsen

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