Monday, August 29, 2011

July 31, 2011

hola familia!!!! dude today is the 11 month mark i cant believe it!!! the mission is slowley starting to go down hill and i´m not excited!!!!!! we had a baptism yesterday her name is zulma and she is the person that we found the second day here and she got baptized, and the best part is is that her family went to her baptism and then to church and now were teaching them so they can get baptised toooooo!!!! gotta love it man!!! the mission is the best thing in the world!! things are going great here in montero, my comp and i are working hard and being obedient and the lord loves to give us blessings and put prepared people in our path!!!! right now its so cold, i can barely type, my fingers are frozen!!!!!!! stillnothing on the packages yet but they should be here shortly!!! alec looks super old, by the time i get home i wont even recognize him!!! well austin and jake are doing really good on their missions and they come home the end of this year, how crazy is that!!!!!! well it kinda sucks because i never want to go home and they already have to!!! you already know that we do the same thing everyday but sometimes days are really good and sometimes they aren´t so good but all i can say is that if your obedient and diligent and seek after the things you want, the lord gives it to you!!! no doubts, you just gotta show him, and mother since you like quotes heres a good one for you..... justice overrules mercy, the lord is always fair, no matter what, we get what we disserve!!!

love you muchisimo mother and fam

love elder olsen

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