Monday, August 29, 2011

August 14, 2011

hey guys

whats up, hows it going, thanks for the letters and packages, i absolutly love sour patch kids!! i´m happy!!! this week was alright, we haven´t found anyone new lately that wants to progress, however we continue to find crazy pastors and members of other churchs that think that only faith is important and not the church!!! its super old, but were trying to find these people, sometimes it can be hard and sometimes it can be easy, but it all depends on the choices that we make!!! we just gotta stay positive and keep working because its not my fault if they dont want to listen!!! we have a baptism this saturday, her name is fabiola and she is 16, really shy but ready to get baptised its going to be a good day!!! the lord really has blessed me and my companion, we opened up this are with nothing and the lord has given us alot of success, this transfer i have almost had the most baptisms in one transfer!! the lord is real!!! and blesses us if we are obedient!! not much really happened this week, just a mesh week and havent had anything new really happen, i did learn however that if somebody wants to bible bash or argue, you just gotta take sides with them and leave asap!! because in the future other elders are going to pass by and the people know us for our actions so if were yelling all the time and fighting, the people aren´t going to want to listen to the on coming elders!!!

well i am trying to find a journal all over bolivia and i cant find one, so i´ll keep you posted!!!! thanks for everything, twas a great birthday package!!! i love you very much, tell ty that i´m going to write a letter to mr. hamilton, my spanish teacher so he can give it to him when school starts!!! love you so much, keep reading the book of mormon

love elder olsen

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