Monday, August 29, 2011

August 7, 2011

y hey!!!!! i got your package about ten minutes ago but i still havent opened it yet!!!!! when i get home i will!!! so zulmas baptism was great we also had another one saturday, a kid of members!!! and we finally went and taught zulmas sisters and they are progressing but they couldnt go to church yesterday, and they still have to pray so see if joseph smith was a prophet and so today we are actually going to their house to verify their prayer!!! so i haaaattttttteeee catholics they are so gay°!!!!! the pastors are the worst and all they want to do is argue!!! i could say that wednesday was one of the hardest days in my mission!!!!! every single person that we talked to just wanted to argue, it was horrible, and just think, even the little kids of families were trying to argue with us!! we started out with a guy telling us that we praise joseph smith and we make people pay and they have to drink and smoke and that we idol images because of capitan moroni on the temples!! i got super mad and layed it down on him and told him that he doesnt know anything and he has no authority and he said that we are the false church and we just layed it hard and he finally sayed goodbye!!! i hate catholics, then we went to a family and they all say that any church is the true church then their 10 year old daughter starts to say the same thing and that jesus is in our hearts and it was super duper hard!!! its deffinalety a humbling and patience lession, its like the hymn be thou humble!!! wow it was super stressful!!! but we do have two more baptisms this 20th and their two teenage girls, carla and fabiola, super timid and shy but they are great!! we also have alot more but they didnt come to church so we have to wait another week!!! and friday, almost time to be in the house my comp and i hurring to find new people, found a family of 3 and taught them five minutes or so about the families thinking nothing of it, inviting them to church, not thinking that they would go,.....WENT all three of them and stayed all three hours, it was wonderful, now theyre going to have a baptisimal date too, the next time we go to their house!!! the lord blesses us!!!! i love the work and remember that excuses and failure go hand in hand"""}!!!!

love you}

love elder olsen

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