Monday, June 20, 2011

May 30, 2011

mother sorry sorry sorry sorry for this letter being so short but i got your package and i wanted to thank you for it!! this week was great and we have a baptism this next week!! here name is angelica and she is super excited we also have anothe one in july but i´ll be telling you more about that later on in themonth!! things are still the same here in boliva, i held a bunny today and its really really sandy!!! mother please forgive me for this letter!!! its so short but as missionaries we barely have time to go to the bathroom, you know whey they call it p day, cuase its the only day you can! let me know how everything is doing and i love you very much!! next week will be a better letter i promise
thank you mucho for the package!! i love you mother!
love your son
elder olsen

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