Monday, June 20, 2011

June 5, 2011


Whats up dudes whats going on!!! So guess what??? 9 months in the mission and going for ten!! Time sure does fly!! It sure does sound that everything continues to go well!! And i am so happy to hear the progress in the family! It makes me proud!! Well bolivia is doing good!! We had transfers and i stayed, i´m still district leader and i´m training a nig!!! A black boy!! Its sweet, he´s from the dominican republic and yes, they do speak spanish there and things are going great!!! Were working working working and we have one person with a baptisimal date for the 2 of july!! So when we got here with my new companion we went to a family which i had taught befor with my other companion and we taught them the resoration and the father got so excited and said that everytime we come to his house he just gets so excited and promised us that he would go to chruch on Sunday and guess what!!!!! They all went it was so awesome him, his wife and his two little kids!! And they promised us that next week they are going to come again!! We are going to visit them this week an put a baptisimal date!!!! Its sweet!! Time is flying so fast and i´ll be completing a year here shortly!!!

its nice to hear the progress of everyone!! i cant wait to play guitar with jake and swim with you all and milk cows with alec!! gonna be a blast!!! the mission is the best in the west and everyone of you little brothers of mine will serve a mission!!! thanks for the package and everything! sounds like you had fun in ogden and oakley riding the cat, i wanna try!!! i love you very much

love elder olsen

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