Monday, June 20, 2011

June 12, 2011

whats up family!!! i´m so happy to hear everything that you tell me!!! and dont worry i didnt forget your birthday ty!! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY i have a letter to send off to you but the post office has been on strike for the past few weeks and i cant send anything!! they are just upset because the post office is old and it leaks on all the letters so they went on strike and i dont know for how long!!! but this week was awesome!! we have and investigator named denise and she is awesome, shes 22 and we´ve been teaching her for a while and she came to church yesterday and she has a baptisimal date on the 2nd of july and the better part is that she brought her friend and she also will have a baptisimal dat on the second of july wiht her!! you all sound like your going to be big grown ups when i get home!! congrats to alec for his talk and of coarse ty for the swimming records and his ability to slay it up in the ¡water!!!! and kess and oakley are probably big farts now!!! my comp and i are woking hard and trying to fiind alot of people and its working!!!! i love you very much!!! mom i have a giant favor i need you to do, my debit card expires in august of this year so i need someone to renew it and send me a new one, you can tell them not to activate it, and when i get it, i´ll email you and tell you that i got it son you can activate it!! thats the only thing i need!!!!!! please and thank you

ii llove you alllll

love elder olsen

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