Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

whats up how are things going!!! and yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY KESSLEY! she´s old now and she´s turning into a girl!! ´but sounds like the angel food cake wants me to eat it!!! save me a piece for when i get home!!! so yes i´m eating and taking care of myself, i just dont want to because its the same everyday and it gets really really old!!! yay for rice!!!this week was alright, our investigators didnt come to chruch so they lost their baptisimal date which sucks!! but with my companion we pretty much just started over looking for new people and we found a cousin of some members who sounds like she is relly interested and wants to get baptised!!! there are alot of drunk people here!! last night we were waiting for micro, like a bus type deal and thees drunk people came out of the bar, a guy and a few girls and they started yelling and arguing and the girl hit the guy and he fell down, he got up, she hit him again and he fell down then he got up and they both just went at it!! she kicked him in the goodies and punched him in the face then he started hitting her and punching her and it got pretty vicious, i wanted to go stop him from hitting her but i´m a missionry and i cant!! but then they stopped and went back into the bar!!! crazy
well we still dont have a bishop, the stake presidency is going to preside until we have one so we´ll just wait and see!!!i miss you all, i´m glad you got my letter and i´m waiting for the package!!!!!!!!!! i love you all
love elder olsen

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