Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

hey mom whats up

well happy fathers day to bob yesterday!!! congrats

this week was awesome, my comp and i have been working our poopers off!!! we have found so many people doing contacts that are now going to get baptised!! well we have denise who is 22 and gabriella who is 19 and mario who is 17 and julia who is 45!! all of them are going to get baptised on the 2 of july!! yesterday they all came3 to church and loved it!! they are golden investigators and it is helpin us out alot!!! the lord is guiding us to the people who are ready to make the change in thier life!!! we barely have time to eat we are working so hard!! i gotta teach my kid how to work and were working!! bolivia is sooooo darn dirty!! the people here just throw their garbage in the street and it smells like crazy!!! but hey i´m not gonna say anything because if you saw what i lived in you would scream!! but dont worry we live fine and we eat fine and i get plenty to eat and drink!!! its just another world here!!!!! this week was super fast and we had just been working really hard with gabriela, she has so many great questions abot the purpose of this life, we taught her the plan of salvacion and helped her with alot of doubts!!! it seems like somebody has hurt her but she just wont say it, we gotta get it outtta her!!! but she is progressing alot!!!! i love you mother thats the wrap up on this week these four souls that shallsoon be saved

i lov eyou tell everyone hello!!! i still havent sent your letter because they are still not open!!! pretty gay

love elder olsen

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