Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 letter

Whats up Familia! how in the world are you all doing!! its been two crazy weeks since i have talked to you all! but it sure is great to get your emails!! so you wanna know why i didn´t write you guys last week!!! well, we were on lockdown for three days straight and couldn´t leave the apartment. none of the missionaries in santa cruz bolivia! something with the government and the people go crazy here, up and down the streets and almost fought with one of our missionaries insulting him like crazy, " you mormons are worthless, you pay the taxi´s 2 pesos" pretty gnarly!! but christmas was just like any other day! nobody really decorates for christmas, its not big at all!! but it was nice because either everyone was gone or everyone was home with their families so we taught alot of families! my comp and i just bought some food and took pics and had a good ol time, as well as new years ever, we actually stayed up till 12 ssshhhhh took pics of fireworks and had a blast!! it is going great here in bolivia weve got some investigators that are improving! we put a baptisimal date on 2 investigators for the next couple weeks! should be great! my spanish is coming along super duper skizzy! still improving tho! but it sure is coming! sounds like you guys had a blast at christmas and oakley sounds like a big girl now! thats crazy, when i get home she is gonna be like a teenager!:) good to hear that you all had fun and were together with family! and yes alec told me that rozy is preg.) but hey, your already a gramma so who gives right! great to talk to you all!!! i sent a letter with some pictures in it so you shall be getting it soon! so so glad to hear your all doing good! its the same here, i´m improving everyday and its amazing! the jungle is crazy! my comp is chilean and is awesome! were having a good ol time! love you all a super amount and tell everyone hello for me and enjoy the snow while you can!! and enjoy the ride!
love you muchisimo y les amo
love elder olsen

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