Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010 letter

well hello family!! first things first, i got another package but i have no idea who its from so if its from some relative of mine, thank you very much!! another crazy week in bolivia, my trainor got transferred and i stayed here in riberalta! pretty crazy my new comp is another chilean but is not the best! i´m basically the senior companion and had to take charge of everything! i don´t know spanish that well and i´m not familiar with the area that well and he doesnt know the area at all and doesnt want to work that hard! so i just jumped in to gear and took the iniciative and work work work because its so stressfull but when were at an investigators house, i feel so much better because of the love i have grown for them! its pretty stressfull, not gonna lie! but its coming along! i miss snow so much!!!! but also something important!!! this tuesday or wednesday i am going to call you in the morning sometime only for 5 minutes to give you my number so you guys can call me this thursday i believe it is! so be home tomorrow or wednesday in the mornings so you can recieve my phone call! well not much happaned this week because of transfers but i´ll be talking to you anyways soon!!!!! love you all
love elder olsen

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