Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5th letter

Hello jello Family!
the mtc is going great and we learn alot really fast!! my spanish is coming along great however i still need to improve quite a bit but i know that if i put faith in the lord i too can experience the gift of tongues!! the food here is ok they just feed our mouthes like crazy and you can eat as much as you want!! but we have gym everyday and i'll start out with soccer every day then i'll run for the last 15 minutes or so just so i dont get a huge belly if you know what i mean! i love learning as well as teaching!! its amazing the feeling you can get as a missionary, after teaching someone, you feel like your on top of a mountain! its amazing! i only have three more weeks left or four i'm not really sure the time is flying by its so crazy! i cant believe that i'm already over a month out, it seems like last week i was getting dropped off here!! remember that mom?? so how is the family doing!!!??? how is all the aunts and uncles? let them know i am thinking of them and praying for them! whats new back at home? anything? so i'm almost positive that i might be getting reassigned because the visas have not shown up yet! but were being optimistic and praying for them but its all in the lords hands! i'm not too worried if i get reassigned because i just want to get out and start preaching the gospel no matter where its at, although i would love to be in bolivia!! so whats the latest news on bolivia mom, i know they just got done with elections and they are having alot of political unrest, but check up on it and let me know whats going on down there!! well i am going to go write you guys a letter now so you'll be getting that soon... love you all and thanks for all you do!!!
love elder olsen

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