Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26th letter from Brady

como estan familia! how are you all doing? the mtc is greeaat and i leave in one week!! gnarly!! well we just got posted that they will find out on friday if they have our visas and if they do we leave monday if not they put our name in for re-assignment but either way i will be leaving next week!! i'm super duper excited to get out there in the field, yes a little scared but i know that with patience and faith the lord will give me words to say because i'm am an instrument in his hands and he can make me do what ever he wants me to do!!! so yes i am excited! how are all of you doing? whats new??? mother, i am praying for you and your surgery to go well!!! as well as gramma woolleys! so get this!!!.......elder Russell M Neilson came to the mtc for a devotional!! we have devotionals every tuesday night and sometimes we get lucky and have an apostle! and yes we sure did! it was gnarley and he talked about missions and how important they are! spanish is coming pretty good and teaching is coming pretty good as well! me and elder sainsbury are getting better and better with the help of the lord of coarse but we are getting excited! our teachers are amazing and super dope sauce and i read the scriptures so much its crazy!!! everysingle line is underlined just about, i just started reading the book of mormon over again and i didn't realize how sweet second nephi is!!! go read second nefi two throu four! they are the best!

so how was star valley??? how is the extended family doing? all the aunts and uncles and cuz's?? how are the kids doing in school and what not?? get them to read the book of mormon because that is the most important book there is and make sure they understand whats going on!! start from the beginning and read a chapter or two everynight and explain who is talking and what he is saying!!! i promise you will grow a greater love for it and your life will be blessed tremendously!! durring our MDT (missionary directed time) we usually have around three to four hours and durring personal study i just read and read and i usually read up to twenty chapters!!! i started in the middle of last week and i am already in the middle of 2nd nephi!!! is so amazing and the passages in there are so simple and spiritual!!! i dont know how you could not misunderstand the importance of this book!!! well i love you all very very much and i am so grateful for all you do!!!
love you
love elder olsen


  1. Hey Brady!!!!

    I have finally been able to get on your blog.... I am so proud of you and you inspire me to do better at my personal scripture study! We make time every morning to read scriptures as a family but my own personal time has suffered.

    I skimmed 2nd Nephi and especially like chapter 4. Verses 20 trough 35 are some of the nicest parts of Nephi's prayer. Thank you for challenging us to read it... I feel blessed by your words and faith. Thank you for your example.

    It's been so long since I have even talked to you. I hope to read more about how your mission is going.

    Tiegan just turned 14, Raven is 11, Aliyah is 2 and Ronan is 8months. I can't wait for Ronan to meet you and I hope he gets to be around your special spirit and grow up to be a great missionary like you!

    We love you and are so proud of you. Stay true and faithful and God will bless you!

    Aunt Samantha

  2. So anybody that says "Dope Sauce" in the "Empty Sea" must be a pretty great missionary.

    I wish you the best Brady. Lose yourself in Christ and you will never regret going.


  3. HI brady i think ist so cool that you are reading the book of morman again !!! i am almost done reading it for the first time !! good luck on your mission !!

  4. Brady,
    I am so excited by your excitement. It is such a daily struggle to read the scriptures with my children let alone have time for myself to read. But when I do I notice a difference immediately. I wish I could read a couple chapters a night with the little kiddos, I am lucky if I get ten verses read but we are working on it and it will get easier as long as I never give up.

    I love your passion and faith! It helps me to not want to give up even when the kids are screaming and they all want my attention at once. I KNOW daily reading from the Book of Mormon will protect my family from the evil one and I can't risk not doing it even when the kids aren't paying attention.

    I took the kids to the dentist last week and two out of the six had several cavities and most of them were because of lack of flossing! That really upset me and made me feel like a bad mom because cavities can be prevented especially flossing cavities.

    After the pain of filling the cavities, I have been very diligent in making sure I brush their teeth after they brush and I floss their teeth every night. It is sooo much work but I am so concerned about their dental health now and want to learn from my mistakes.

    This incident made me think of scripture reading. When I don't read with the kids every day, plaque can come in and eat away at our spirits but if I read and pray every day it is like brushing the plaque away and we won't get cavities. I know that was a lame correlation but I have to take what I can get.

    I am so proud of you! I love that you are serving the Lord and I love that you are sharing your testimony with us. It really strengthens my testimony to read about your mission. I just can't tell you how much I love your example and what it is doing for my children. Thank you and good luck out there.

    By the way I love the Spanish language and I can't wait to hear you speak it when you get home. Love you so much nephew and we'll send you something soon. Take care and have fun!

    Aunt Rebekah

  5. Brady,
    Just an update: My kids are as follows Brianna age 11 almost 12 on Nov. 24th, Courtney age 8 just got baptized in August, Joshua age 6 almost 7 in March, Danielle age 3 almost 4 in April, Andrew almost 2 in December and Ammon almost 2 in December. And I will be turning 25 in January:) Oh and we LOVE soccer and anything to do with soccer! I AM a soccer mom and I AM a Mormon! Chat with you later chico!
    Love you,

  6. Hey Brady, this is Brianna, aunt Rebekah's daughter, in case you forgot. Hope you have a great time on your mission. I love you very much. I am very proud of your decision to go on a mission. What is your favorite candy, what do you need, and what do you want? I want to send you something for Christmas because I love you very much. Have you gone to Bolivia yet? I hope to hear from you soon. Talk to you later!! :D