Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New letter from Brady!

hello mother and family!!!!!!!!!!!
how is it going? the mtc is great awesom fantastic and whatever other word there is in the english dictionary that describes FUN but really, the language is going great and the studying is going amazing, i finally just started to tell myself how i should probably get familiar with the scriptures better so durring our MDT (missionary directed time) which is about two to four hours, and i just read about twenty chapters from the book of morman and it was great, it was the beginning chapters in third nephi which are the best ones in the book because thats when christ comes to the americas and teaches the exact same thing he did in the bible!!!!!!!! i love studying and learning about the gospel because its so amazing the promises is makes to us, we can have eternal life and live with god if we do one simple thing he wants us to do which he says is...."if ye love me, keep my commandments" thats it!!!!! well in three weeks i will be out in the field, its crazy how the time just flies, i cant believe i have already been out for almost two months, and just yesterday seemed like my first day! i love the work and i am so grateful for the oppurtunity to serve the lord, for everything that he has done for me, in return i'm showing my love for him be preaching his gospel and saving peoples salvation!!!!! this is the best thing we can do, i feel so mature and ready to serve, i dont even worry or care about the outside world, i just wanna preach!!!!!!!!!
well i love you all and now i'm going to go write some letters after i finish up my laundry:)
love elder olsen

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