Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hey guys whats up!!! i am officially one third done with the mtc its crazy i cant believe how much time actually does fly. i just wanna get out in the field so bad tho!! how is everything going back at home?? whats new?? spanish is coming along ok!! we learn so much and i get so excited to serve the lord, and i know that the lord knows each and everyone of us personally and how we work and function because my companion and i have a hard time concentrating and focusing for long periods of time like for our own study time we get to go wherever and study for like four hours!! we have to break it up in groups because we cant sit for that long, any ways one study day we were just having a hard time focusing and so we got up to walk around and 2 old latina peruvian lady's walked out of this building and so i said, hola como esta?? and just started to say hi and they talked back in spanish of coarse so we continued to talk back and they didn't speak any english and we straight up had a full out conversation with them in spanish for like ten minutes it was awesome!!!!! talking to real latinos is the best thing in the world because it made me feel so good and excited to just get out to bolivia!!! but anyways i love you guys
love elder olsen

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