Monday, November 8, 2010

Brady is in Bolivia!!

well mother and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am finally here and it is so
crazy!!!!! we first arrived in santa cruz and its pretty crazy there,
everyone is santa cruz drives cars or busses and there are no traffic
lights or signs so everyone just flies through the streets hoping that
the next intersection there isn´t a car! but we met the mission
president and his wife and ate there and got to know the mission and
things like that, slept in a hotel and then the next day they assigned
us to our areas, my area is riberalta and it is about three hours away
from the city of santa cruz, we flew on this tiny plaine here and it
is soooooo sooooo poor here, its so crazy, nobody has a car, its all
moto´s its so crazy and there is no road, its all red dirt!!! the
houses are shacks and if they are lucky, they have a roof, the floor
is dirt and its just packed with poverty!!!!! the spanish is so hard,
everyone here speaks so fast and i can barely understand them, but
know i´m getting a little more familiar with this place, its like over
a hundred degrees everysingle day and our showers are cold, our
apartment is pretty ghetto but it is actually nice for riberalta! so
we got here safe and sound luckily, the plaine ride was super
sketchy!! i wont tell you about that, actually i will cause it was
CRAZY, so were in miami airport just chillin, waiting for our plaine,
its finally here and were all loaded up ready to go, they back us up
out of the terminal ok and the entire plaine just shuts off, like
electricity and all ok so thats sketchy, problem number one, they tell
us theyre going to pull up and check it out, after a little bit they
finally get it back on, and so were hauling down the runway super
duper fast, we are taking flight and were about a minute or so into
our climax, like over the entire ocean and bay of miami, like the
ocean with sharks and big fish and stuff that bite hard, and were
about half a mile or so into the air, and i am sitting on the right
window seat just behind the wing, ok and the engine on the right wing
goes BANG BANG BOOM BOOM and backfires like crazy, like it spit out 20
foot flames, like alot of fire! and i´m right behind it and i totally
just pooped my pants because i was so scared, it was so sketchy!!!!!!
but luckily the pilot got us back to the ground safely and we switched
plaines and got here safely, but hey dont worry about that, we were
safe we had a plaine full of 21 missionaries and i know the lord was
with us on that one! plus supposidly you can still fly with one
enging, but its better with both!! anyways, thats my story for the
week, dont worry about me, i´m doing good!!! its super duper hard and
stressful because the spanish here is so fast!!!! but its slowely
coming along! well i love you all so much and take care!!
love elder olsen

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