Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 13th letter

well hola familia!!!!
sounds like everything is going pretty good!! what a shame to hear the snow melted that makes me sad!!!! but if there is one thing i want, its pictures of everyone and utah and the temple and just home!!! i didn´t realize how amazing logan was until i got to bolivia!!! but about the people, their just poor and lazy and dont want to brush thier teeth! but the mission actually tells us not to have our family send charity stuff to the people so sorry mother, but thats sure nice of you!!! so we had another baptism saturday, a 17 year old girl named Glesia Yuamona Antelo, it was amazing!!! its still super duper poor here, nothings changed yet! my spanish is coming along alright and i´m learning alot! i´m sick of rice i eat it everysingle day! so its good to hear that your keeping in touch with michelle and her family! she always tells me that she talked to you and she says your so nice and cool and she wants to hang with you!! what a mother i have!!! so all the kids sound like they are doing good!! congrats to ty with swimming and jake with band and alec for being so bored!! if you think your bored, come to bolivia, then you´ll really be bored, there is absolutely nothing to do in this town that i am in! just do whatever you think is fun and have fun doing it!!!! i want some pictures so bad!!! but hey i got your package! just to let you know the packages are guaranteed to get here and it takes roughly a month! it comes straight through the pouch and to the zone leaders house then i go pick it up!! its guaranteed to get here so dont worry! and thanks for the candy and letters and gifts! loved them! so ya jake has been out over a year, his year mark was december 2 and austins year mark was november 18 pretty crazy!!!!! well bolivia is going good and were teaching lesson after lesson after lesson!! we have transfers on tuesday so we´ll see if i´m staying or going!!! thanks for everything mother. i love you muchisimo gracia por cada cosa que haces! es bueno que te mejores y esporo que tengas mas fuerza para que puedas hacer cosas que necesitas! te amo madre mucho y gracias por su amor! ojalá que mis hermanos sean ejemplos a los demas!!! estoy animado y les extraño muchisimo! pero mi tiempo vendrá! les amo
love elder olsen

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