Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29th letter

well hello mother and fam!!!
i have much more time this week and the internet is functioning for me!!!! sounds awesome that you guys have snow, boy do i miss the poop out of snow!!!! its like a hundred degrees here everyday! i miss my snowboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so the package is perfect, you send it to the address that says something like c/saavedra, empresarial, something with those words, but we changed the building to piso 7 instead of piso 9, its the same building just different floors so its ok if you still send to piso 9, i´ll still get it! but you can still write me through dear elders if you want, it will just take a little bit longer to get here! well bolivia is crazy!!!! someone has already tried to rob me! a crazy drunk man came up to me and said Dame cinco pesos which means give me 5 pesos and i said no, no tengo dinero para usted which means no i dont have money for you, and my comp and i just ran off! pretty dope sauce!!! so ya its super duper hotttttt here and its rainy season so like everyday it rains and it rains alot!!!! we teach alot of people and contact alot of people!! its super hard but its coming along pretty well, the spanish is coming along alright! send me some pictures if you can, just through internet, i wanna see how everyone is doing, and send me some pics of the snow!!!! i miss it!!! well not too much has happened this week other that teaching alot, we had our first baptisms last week i think i already told you about! they went great!!!!! my comp is chilean, elder navarro is his name, he is pretty sweet and super good at teaching! well we have transfers this next week and i am pretty sure i´m getting transferred to a different area, so wel´ll see! i love you all sooooooooo much and miss the crap out of you!!!! thanks for the letters and love
love you
love elder olsen

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