Monday, July 18, 2011

July 17, 2011


Well got some news now!! We had transfers and they sent me away, another town about an hour away from santa cruz called montero!! And to top it off, im training again, number three, im district leader again, number three and we are opening a new area so first things first we don’t know anyone or anything and so the ward is really helping us out a lot its awesome and we had two baptisms Saturday, a girl named Roxana and her 8 year old boy, it was kinda nice to arrive here and three days later have a baptism!! And as far as gabriella goes, I hope she got baptized, I left the day before her baptism so I didn{t get to see her!!! Dang!! And the other girl named micaela was progressing a lot, we taught her and put a baptismal date for the 30 of july and she totally accepted!! And when me and my new comp got here in montero, all we can do is knock doors because we don’t know anyone, we found a woman named sulma the next day we got here and put a baptisimal date for the 6 of august and she accepted and she went to church so we are having a lot of success, the lord had been guiding us to the prepared people!! I{ve been praying a lot so the lord can help me!! Its crazy!! Well i{m glad you got the letter and I will be looking for the package!! Next p day is my b day, so i{ll be twenty the next time I write you!! Whattttttttt!!!!!!!! But the area here seems pretty beautiful, i{m living with another elder olsen from my group its pretty sweet!! My comp is elder villalobos from peru and wants to work so that’s just what were going to do!!!sounds like things are going great for you all and I hope the best for you and pray always for each and every one of you]!!!! sounds like the family reunion was great, wish i could have gone!! but tell everyone hello for me and that i miss them!! and yes mother i love reading now!! i take it back when i said it was a waste of time because it turns out i can never find enought time to read the book of mormon!!!! love you mom

love elder olsen

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