Monday, July 18, 2011

July 10, 2011

hello mother!

well this week was a frustrating one, remember gabriella who had a baptismal date for saturday, yeah she ended up going to her aunts house during the weekend and my comp and i told her that if she goes she´s not going to go to her baptism, her aunt is going to hold her and not let her go and sure enough thats what happened!! it completely sucked!! but she´s going to het baptised this saturday because she is going to be here! but hey about an hour before the baptism we were contacting people and we found this one girl and talked to her for a little bit outside her fence, she told us her dad is hardcore evangelico and so we taught her with authority as usual and said hey go tell your dad that in order to have the true church there has to be prophets and apostoles like it says in efesians 2:20 so she went and told him and she actually stood up for us and he tried telling her that that was in the old time and its not like that anymore! but it was cool because she was siding with us then we said, hey go get changed and come to a baptism, we´ll wait for you right here, she said no, go and i´ll catch up and sure enough while we were at the baptism of other elders she showed up and said she liked it!! so now were working with her so she can get dunked!! well in 2 days we have transfers, dont know whats gonna happen, if i stay or if i go! who knows but the weather here is crazy, one day its cold the other its super hot and it never snows but it does rain, not very often but it does, last week was freezing and this week has been smoking hotttttt!!! kinda weird! but time is flying mother, i have completed 10 months and in 7 weeks i will complete a year!! then its all downhill from there!!! tell everyone hi for me and i´ll be looking for the package!! gracias por todo!!

love you mom, just read the book of mormon everyday and you will be fine, and your knowledge will increase like crazy!!! love you

love elder olsen

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