Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 28, 2011

hello mother dear!!! yes alottttttt of people sure did email me but
hey i´ll write as much as i can!!! first things first, we had three
baptisms this past saturday so the lord is making us successful! my
comp is super cool from arizona, we get along absolutely great no
contention between us! we find lots and lots of people! we work our
behinds off and have had lots and lots of success! this transfer we
have already had 5 baptisms and lots more to come! the jungle is where
i live, literally the jungle, right in the middle! lots and lots of
animals, we played with somebodys pet monkey the other day which was
super duper gnarly! lots and lots of just stray dogs in the streets,
they all have diseases and are half dead, literally billions of
chickens just everywhere! and bugs the size of a soccer ball!
mosquitoes like crazy but we sleep with a mosquito net, its rain
season and it litteraly floods the entire city, the streets are pure
water like noah and the arc, literally poors and poors and we cant
leave the house, it poors so much that all the little boliavans can
swim in the streets is so deep! but they say its like this until the
middle of march so well see!!! we already have transfers this 9th of
march so we´ll see if they send me out of riberalta, i´ve already been
here for 4 and a half months! thats 3 transfers! so here in south
america they have something called carnaval where they just party, i
mean everyone just goes out in the streets and is just party after
party after party, not sure what they do cause i´ve never experienced
one for myself but us missionaries will be stuck in the house until
its over and it goes on the entire week! so we´ll will be in the house
just reading, sleeping, not sure what we´ll be doing but for about 3
to four days i´m guessing we will be stuck in the house!! the people
hear just go crazy and dont respect the missionaries so we gotta take
care of ourselves and be safe!! so i´ve seen some sloths here, pretty
sweet and super super slow! got plenty of photos but when i´m in santa
cruz and the internet is better i´ll be able to send you some! i sent
you a letter so be looking for it!! i´ve gotten all my packages and
letters so far, they always come, just sometimes takes a little longer
but i get them!!! i´m certainly missing the snow!! lucky familia!!
happy birthday bob hope everything is going good, i pray for you all
every day! love you
love elder olsen

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