Monday, February 14, 2011

hola familia!!! sounds like the same things are happening to alec that happened to me except mine was two teeth and two root canals!! even cooler and more gnarley so go chip your other one and you´ll be even with me!!! hey the baptisms were great and everything was sweet!!! got your package!! thanks very much!! bolivia is crazy cool and i´m gonna try to send some pictures so hopefully it works!! but hey everyone is growing up and things seem to be working out for everyone!! and kessley excited for school and i can even imagine how big she is getting!! hey do me a favor and when i get home, dont cook me any more rice!! all i want is sloppy joes and spaghetti right now!! especially sloppy joes!! so they only have on type of cheese here and its white, not really sure what kind and its super duper salty!! but i learned how to make empanadas and when i get home were gonna make them!!! its just a delicious type of food stuffed with meat cheese and stuff!! sounds like the snow is totally gone too!! that bites but i guess its all good because i cant see it anyway!!! and the sounds for sunday sounds delightful!! what a wonderful day it sounds like you had!! still waiting for your letters but they´ll come, i always get everything weather it be sooner or later! tell everyone hello for me and that i´m doing good! i´ll print some more photos and send them cause i dont know if its gonna work through internet, the internet really chupa here and is super slow!! love you guys very much
love elder olsen

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